Tania Maria – Viva Brazil {New Note}

Tania Maria – Viva Brazil {New Note}

Latin Jazz, Vocal

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AllMusic Review by Judith Schlesinger

Brazilian singer/pianist/composer Tania Maria launched her career in France in the 1970s and sounds as energetic as ever. One of the original crossover artists, she combines classic Brazilian rhythms and sensibility with funk, jazz, pop, and a splash of rock & roll. Tania Maria is instantly recognizable: nobody would confuse her strong, lusty, distinctive voice and playful piano style (including those dissonant three-note fills) with anyone else. (more…)

01. Florzinha ”Petite Fleur” (5:05)
02. Ta Tudo Certo & Mas que nada (5:26)
03. Sebastiana (4:45)
04. Encanto Meu (2:49)
05. Vem Pr’a Roda (4:32)
06. It’s Only Love (4:01)
07. One Note Samba (8:26)
08. Nao Se Avexe Nao (5:48)
09. Amei Demais (3:39)
10. Sangria (4:03)
11. Conceicao (4:15)

Tania Maria – piano, synths, vocal
Marc Bertaux, Carlos Werneck – bass
Stephane Huchard – drums
Luiz Augusto Cavani – drums, percussions
Cacao – saxophone, flute/clarinet
Mestre Carneiro – percussions

Produced by Tania Maria
Arrangements by Tania Maria
Co-produced by Eric Kressmann
Executive Producer: Graham Griffith & Eddie Wilkinson
Mastering: Dyam Music, Raphael Jonin
Photos: Pierre Terrasson
Mixing by Vincent Mahey, Corine Music Studio
Mixing Assistant: Phil “Reptil” Etienne
Editing: Studio Cargo Xavier Brunetiere

2000, New Note Productions Ltd.

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