Shelly Manne & His Friends – Bells Are Ringing {Contemporary} [OJC]

Shelly Manne & His Friends – Bells Are Ringing {Contemporary} [OJC]

Bop, Piano Trio

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AllMusic Review by Scott Yanow

When Shelly Manne and His Friends (a trio starring pianist André Previn) had a surprise hit with their interpretations of melodies from My Fair Lady, it started a trend toward recording jazz versions of scores from plays. For this LP, Manne’s trio (with Previn and bassist Red Mitchell) perform nine songs from the play Bells Are Ringing.

Although seven of the pieces remained obscure, “The Party’s Over” (which is heard twice) and particularly “Just in Time” caught on. As is always the case with this group, Previn’s piano is the lead voice and his virtuosity, good taste, melodic improvising, and solid sense of swing are chiefly responsible for the music’s success.

01. I Met a Girl (3:20)
02. Just in Time (3:37)
03. Independent (On My Own) (5:15)
04. The Party’s Over (ballad version) (5:49)
05. It’s a Perfect Relationship (3:47)
06. Is it a Crime? (3:09)
07. Better than a Dream (5:58)
08. Mu-Cha-Cha (4:27)
09. Long Before I Knew You (4:11)
10. The Party’s Over (up-tempo version) (3:59)

Shelly Manne – drums
Andre Previn – piano
Red Mitchell – bass

Produced by Lester Koenig
Recorded at Contemporary Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Recorded on April 15 and July 22, 1958
Recording Engineers: Roy DuNann, Howard Holzer
Remastered by Joe Tarantino, 1996, Fantasy Studios, Berkeley
Original Cover Design: Guidi/Tri-Arts
Photography by William Claxton

Contemporary Records, Tenth and Parker, Berkeley, CA 94710
1996, Fantasy, Inc.

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