Red Mitchell – Presenting Red Mitchell {Contemporary} [OJC]

Red Mitchell – Presenting Red Mitchell {Contemporary} [OJC]

Hard Bop, Cool

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AllMusic Review by Scott Yanow

Bassist Red Mitchell, who had led two fairly obscure sessions for Bethlehem in 1955, came up with a gem on his lone Contemporary set as a leader (which has been reissued as this CD). Based in Los Angeles at the time, Mitchell utilized pianist Lorraine Geller and two up-and-coming players: James Clay (who splits his time between tenor and flute) and, in one of his first recording sessions, drummer Billy Higgins.

The quartet performs then-recent tunes by Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins and Clifford Brown (“Sandu”), a pair of Mitchell originals, “Scrapple From the Apple” and “Cheek to Cheek.” Despite Higgins’ and (to a lesser extent) Clay’s connections with Ornette Coleman, the music is strictly high-quality modern mainstream bop of the era. Easily recommended to collectors of straight-ahead jazz.

01. Scrapple from the Apple (5:34)
02. Rainy Night (5:24)
03. I Thought of You (5:24)
04. Out of the Blue (6:19)
05. Paul’s Pal (7:02)
06. Sandu (5:37)
07. Cheek to Cheek (8:09)

Red Mitchell – bass
James Clay – flute and tenor saxophone
Lorraine Geller – piano
Billy Higgins – drums

Produced by Lester Koenig
Recorded at Contemporary’s studio in Los Angeles; March 26, 1957
Sound by Roy DuNann
Digital remastering, 1992 – Phil de Lancie (Fantasy Studios, Berkeley)
Cover photo of Red Mitchell by Hal Adams
Cover design by Robert Guidi/Tri-Arts
Liner notes by Nat Hentoff

Contemporary Records, Tenth and Parker, Berkeley, CA 94710
1957, 1984, 1992, Fantasy, Inc.

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