Oliver Jones & Skip Bey – Then & Now {Justin Time}


Oliver Jones & Skip Bey – Then & Now {Justin Time}

Mainstream, Bop, Piano-Bass Duo

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AllMusic Review by Ken Dryden

Oliver Jones was one of the busiest artists working for the Canadian label Justin Time during the 1980s and 1990s, but one duo session recorded in 1986 with bassist Skip Bey was evidently abandoned or forgotten. Five tracks from that session are intermingled with their 2001 studio reunion, which also seems to be Jones’ swansong since he has retired from his long career as a musician.

Regardless of the reason that it took so long for this CD to be completed, Jones is dazzling in his swinging treatments of time-tested standards with Bey’s big-toned bass along for the ride. Jones hardly limits Bey to a timekeeping role, as the bassist has a number of great solos as the pianist ducks out, occasionally feeding him with a few choice chords.

The burning take of “Perdido,” the heartfelt treatment of “I Remember Clifford” (with Bey’s warm arco bass), and the inspired rendition of “I’ll Remember April” (with a hilarious detour into Grofé’s loping “On the Trail”) are all highlights of this intimate pair of duo dates. If this is truly Oliver Jones’ final CD, it is a performance that will stand the test of time.

01. Girl Talk (6:27)
02. Perdido (5:27)
03. I Remember Clifford (6:48)
04. Lullaby of Birdland (5:24)
05. Somewhere Over the Rainbow (7:05)
06. Too Close for Comfort (4:42)
07. Old Folks (5:53)
08. Tender Touch (6:14)
09. I’ll Remember April (6:33)
10. Bogey Blues (6:05)

Oliver Jones – piano
Skip Bey – bass

Recorded at Studio Victor, October 11, 1986 by Ian Terry and at Studio Tempo, September 24, 2001 by Ian Terry and assisted by Fred Grenon

Mastered by Renee Marc-Aurele at SNB Montreal, May 9, 2002
Produced by Oliver Jones and Jim West
Cover and inside photography by Daniel Gagne, courtesy of Radio Quebec
Tray card photograph by Jim West
Liner notes by Gilles Archambault and Oliver Jones

2002, Justin Time Records, Inc.
Printed & manufactured in Canada by Justin Time Records, Inc.
Justin Time Records, Inc., 5455 rue Pare, suite 101, Montreal (Quebec) Canada H4P 1P7

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