Michel Camilo & Tomatito – Spain {Lola Records}


Michel Camilo & Tomatito – Spain {Lola Records}

Contemporary, Latin, Flamenco, Piano-Guitar Duo

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AllMusic Review by Michael G. Nastos

There’s a simple, basic, and direct approach that pervades the duets from pianist Camilo and acoustic guitarist Tomatito. But that seemingly bottom-line approach is transcended by the brilliant musicianship of these two players, as they play ultra-melodic music to its ultimate zenith time and time again.

The tone is set from the get go as they languish in the freedom of Rodrigo and Chick Corea’s “Spain,” played as perfectly and spirited as anyone could want. But “Besame Mucho” is changed up, interpreted in loose associations extrapolated out of strict time on this famous melody. Tomatito wrote two of the eight tracks as the pair use a combination of counterpoint and unison lines, approaching sheer telepathy on the brightly melodic “A Mi Nino Jose,” while evoking more Chick Corea-isms with melodies passionately flying about on “La Vacilona.”

Two compositions by the underappreciated Luis Salinas are included as the urgent 4/4 of “Para Troilo Y Salgan” shows Camilo and Tomatito to be the virtuosic speed demons their preceding reputations evince, while “Aire De Tango” is like a samba version of “I Concentrate on You,” nicely warmed with a calmed guitar solo. Camilo’s lone writing on “Two Much/Love Theme” is also restrained and relaxed, atypical for the usually fiery pianist. This is a recording that bears ripe, luscious fruit, albeit only 45 minutes worth. A follow-up please. Recommended.

01. Spain Intro (3:22)
02. Spain (5:33)
03. Besame Mucho (7:54)
04. A mi niho Jose (4:52)
05. Two Much / Love Theme (5:56)
06. Para Troilo y Salgan (6:02)
07. La Vacilona (5:26)
08. Aire de Tango (6:09)

Michel Camilo – piano
Tomatito – flamenco guitar

Recorded at Carriage House Studios in August 1999
Published by Universal Music under various labels around the world

Produced by Michel Camilo
Executive Producer: Julio Marti

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Phil Magnotti
Assistant Recording Engineer: John Shylosky

Released in 2000

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