John McLaughlin ”plays Bill Evans” – Time Remembered {Verve}

John McLaughlin ”plays Bill Evans” – Time Remembered {Verve}

Post-Bop, Guitar

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AllMusic Review by Scott Yanow

Pianist Bill Evans was one of guitarist John McLaughlin’s early heroes so this Evans tribute seemed like a logical idea. Sticking to acoustic guitar, McLaughlin is joined by four other guitarists (along with the acoustic bass guitar of Yann Maresz) to create an unusual instrumentation that often sounds as full as a keyboard.

The leader arranged ten of Evans’s compositions and his own “Homage” for a largely introverted set of music that has a strong classical feel. McLaughlin lets loose a few times but more mood and tempo variations would have kept this from being such a sleepy and overly respectful session.

01. Prologue (2:14)
02. Very Early (4:20)
03. Only Child (5:07)
04. Waltz for Debby (4:55)
05. Homage (2:17)
06. My Bells (3:22)
07. Time Remembered (3:59)
08. Song for Helen (1:55)
09. Turn Out the Stars (6:26)
10. We will Meet Again (4:21)
11. Epilogue (1:14)

John McLaughlin – acoustic guitar
François Szonyi, Pascal Rabatti – acoustic guitar
Alexandre Del Fa, Philippe Loli – acoustic guitar
Yan Maresz – acoustic bass guitar

All compositions by Bill Evans, except “Homage” by John McLaughlin

Produced by John McLaughlin
Executive Producer: Jean Philippe Allard
Digitally recorded at Regson Studio, Milan, Italy
Recorded on March 25 thru 28, 1993
Post production at Eclisse Studio, Milan, Italy; March 29-30, 1993
Digitally mixed and mastered at Pixel Sound, Milan, Italy, April 30 thru May 5, 1993
Recording, mixing, and mastering engineer: Max Costa
Assistance recording engineer: Paolo Bocci
Post production engineer: Dario Bontempi
Mixing supervised by John McLaughlin
Cover photography by Jean Pierre Larcher
Liner photography by Charles French
Liner notes by John McLaughlin
Art Direction: bleu Elastique

1993, Polydor/PolyGram S.A. France

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