Dave Valentin – Sunshower {Concord}

Dave Valentin – Sunshower {Concord}

Contemporary Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Latin Jazz

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AllMusic Review by Jonathan Widran

With radio formats as segregated as they are these days, few artists dare mixing two genres on a single recording, let alone the three — smooth jazz, lite bebop, and Latin — that the famed flutist does here. For a spell, Valentin keeps the pace easygoing, as lighthearted tunes like “Reunion,” the soundscape-heavy title track, and a wistful “Embers” (featuring some kindly sax playing by Ed Calle) are highly pleasant but hardly taxing on the chops.

Read: Throw these at the smooth-jazz audience. A gentle, late-night cover of the Ellington classic “I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good” shows not only a bit more depth but also a seamless interaction with pianist Bill O’Connell, who wrote and arranged many of these tunes. Not until the playful, Afro-Cuban-meets-Peruvian-panpipes-effect of the jam on “Subway Six,” however, does Valentin really go for the gusto, soloing with abandon — and then there’s no stopping him.

“Sierra Madre” rolls along coolly for a time before guitarist Steve Khan — who plays throughout — takes a crisp electric solo, which is followed by one of vibist Dave Samuels’ most animated guest solos to date and McConnell’s amazing piano improvs. They could have taken a conventional approach on Dave Mason’s “Feelin’ Alright,” but by that time they’re so worked up and “out” that you can hardly recognize the pop standard.

“Space Cadet” features weird vocal calls and the kind of wild spirit that you might expect in a club setting where no one is setting a timer. Great playing, lots of variety, and even some colorful liner notes by notable Latin jazz journalist Mark Holston.

01. Reunion (5:47)
02. Sunshower (4:38)
03. Embers (4:05)
04. Bandit (5:45)
05. Porkchops (4:15)
06. I Got it Bad and that ain’t Good (5:40)
07. Subway Six (6:32)
08. Sierra Madre (6:47)
09. Feelin’ Alright (3:37)
10. Space Cadet (5:45)

Dave Valentin – C flute, alto flute, piccolo (on #5) & assorted flute sounds
Bill O’Connell – acoustic and electric piano, synthesizers
Ruber Rondriguez – electric bass, Ampeg Baby bass
Robbie Ameen – drums
Milton Cardona – congas, shakere & various percussion instruments
Dave Samuels – vibes
Steve Khan – electric & acoustic guitars
Ed Calle – alto & tenor saxophone
Rafael de Jesus – percussion (on #3, 5, 9)

Produced by Dave Valentin and Carl Valldejuli
Associate Producer: Josiah Gluck
Executive Producers: John Burk and Glen Barros
Recorded at Sound On Sound, New York City, June 6-9, 1999
Recorded at mixed by Josiah Gluck, assisted by Jason Standard
Mixed at Kampo Audio Studios, New York City
Mixing Assistant: Denise Barbarita
Mastered by Emily Lazar
Mastered at The Lodge, New York City
Director of Product Development: Alexis Davis
Production Manager: David Millar
Design by Darlene Barbaria
Photography by Jimmy Katz
Liner notes by Mark Holston

1999, Concord Records, Inc. 2450-A Stanwell Drive, Concord, CA 94520

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