Dave McKenna – Dave ”Fingers” McKenna {Chiaroscuro}

Dave McKenna – Dave ”Fingers” McKenna {Chiaroscuro}

Mainstream, Standards, Solo Piano

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AllMusic Review by Ken Dryden

Dave McKenna is at his best playing solo piano, as on this two-day session in the studio from 1977. McKenna’s strength lies in his basslines and his ability to uplift tunes that often sound hackneyed in the hands of lesser musicians, such as “My Melancholy Baby” and “Somebody Stole My Gal,” both of which find the pianist at his most inventive. Also present are overlooked gems like Zez Confrey’s “Stumbling” and Irving Berlin’s moving ballad “All Alone,” played with the melodic swing that jazz fans have come to expect of McKenna.

This long-unavailable LP was finally reissued on CD in 2000, with the addition of five bonus tracks, including a loping but brisk treatment of Bob Wills’ Texas swing hit “San Antonio Rose” as well as obscurities like the rollicking “Somebody Else Is Taking My Place” and “Willie the Weeper.” This solo piano CD should be considered essential by fans of swing.

01. My Melancholy Baby (5:41)
02. Bill Bailey won’t You Please Come Home (4:03)
03. Lonesome Me (4:06)
04. Chloe (5:59)
05. Stumbling (6:03)
06. Somebody Stole My Gal (5:12)
07. As Time Goes By (3:32)
08. Someday Sweetheart (3:48)
09. All Alone (3:48)
10. The Curse of an Aching Heart (3:46)
11. Melancholy (3:46)
12. San Antonio Rose (4:34)
13. The Curse of an Aching Heart #2 (3:58)
14. Somebody Else is Taking My Place (3:40)
15. Willie the Weeper (4:50)
16. Blues, Mainly Tin Roof (5:55)

Dave McKenna – solo piano

Produced by Hank O’Neal
Recorded 1-2 June 1977 in New York City
Recording: Fred Miller/Downtown Sound
Digital mastering and editing by Jon Bates/MixMasters
Cover Design: John DeVries
Photography: Rollo Phlecks

2000, Chiaroscuro Records, 830 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

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