Dave Holland Quartet – Extensions {ECM}

Dave Holland Quartet – Extensions {ECM}

Post-Bop, Avant-Garde Jazz

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AllMusic Review by Brian Olewnick

For this tight and enjoyable quartet date, bassist Dave Holland spread the composing opportunities around, his sidemen accounting for four of the six pieces. Arguably, none of these musicians ever sounded better, or more adventurous, than when performing in Holland’s bands. While the leader himself retreated a good deal from his more routinely avant-garde recordings of the ’70s, he appeared unwilling to allow his younger compadres to simply coast, instead evoking probing and thoughtful playing from them.

Altoist Steve Coleman derives particular benefit from Holland’s supervision, sounding far more fluid and confident than own his own rather more stilted albums. The pieces follow a general head-solos-head format, though with substantial elasticity and enough variation that no sense of sameness settles in.

Holland, of course, is masterful throughout, and one can easily imagine simply listening exclusively to his basslines, the amazing imagination they convey, and being very satisfied. One of his better albums from this period, Extensions should please any Holland fan, and is an agreeable and non-threatening jumping in point for the curious.

01. Nemesis (11:36)
02. Processional (7:22)
03. Black Hole (10:15)
04. The Oracle (14:38)
05. 101° Fahrenheit (Slow Meltdown) (4:56)
06. Color of Mind (10:12)

Dave Holland – bass
Steve Coleman – alto saxophone
Kevin Eubanks – guitar
Marvin “Smitty” Smith – drums

Digital Recording, September 1989; Power Station, New York
Engineer: James Farber
Cover Design: Barbara Wojirsch
Produced by Manfred Eicher

An ECM Production
1990, ECM Records GmbH
ECM Records, Gleichmannstrasse 10, 8000, München 60
CD is manufactured by PDO, Hanover, West Germany

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Dave Holland (b. 1946)