Christian McBride Trio – Out Here {Mack Avenue}

Christian McBride Trio – Out Here {Mack Avenue}

Post-Bop, Piano Trio

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AllMusic Review by Matt Collar

Christian McBride’s second studio album in 2013, Out Here, finds the adept bassist leading his trio through a jaunty, exuberant set of straight-ahead acoustic jazz. The album follows on the heels of his equally as appealing quintet album, People Music. However, where that album found McBride delving into the knotty post-bop sound of artists like ’60s Bobby Hutcherson, Out Here is more of a classic standards album in the vein of works by Oscar Peterson and Duke Ellington.

Joining McBride here is his working trio of pianist Christian Sands and drummer Ulysses Owens, Jr., who was also featured on People Music. Both Sands and Owens are superb, technically adroit musicians who complement McBride’s warm, generous bass playing at every turn on Out Here. What’s great about McBride leading his own trio is that because he is fundamentally such a monster of a bassist, he can and does take the lead on any given song just as well, if not better, than many of his non-rhythm section instrument-playing brethren. That said, he certainly lets his bandmates shine in the spotlight throughout much of the album.

In fact, as on the trio’s take on “My Favorite Things,” both Sands and McBride take turns interpreting the melody. Elsewhere, they delve into bluesy, gospel-influenced numbers with “Ham Hocks and Cabbage” and “Hallelujah Time,” and jump headlong into a swinging rendition of “Cherokee.”

There are also some gorgeous ballads featured on the album, with McBride’s Latin-tinged “I Guess I’ll Have to Forget” standing out among them. McBride even summons the spirit of his more funk and soul-influenced albums with the trio’s giddy album-closing take on the R&B classic “Who’s Making Love.”

01. Ham Hocks and Cabbage (8:25)
02. Hallelujah Time (4:03)
03. I Guess I’ll have to Forget (8:27)
04. Easy Walker (6:42)
05. My Favorite Things (9:20)
06. East of the Sun (and West of the Moon) (7:41)
07. Cherokee (5:39)
08. I have Dreamed (8:28)
09. Who’s Making Love (6:18)

Christian McBride – bass
Christian Sands – piano
Ulysses Owens, Jr. – drums

Produced by Maria Ehrenreich & Christian McBride
Executive Producer: Gretchen Valade
Production Manager: Will Wakefield
Engineered by Joe Ferla
Assistant Engineers: Bob Mallory, Brett Mayer, Fred Sladkey
Mastering by Mark Wilder
Creative Director: Randall Kennedy
Associate Producer: Andre Kimo
Photography by Chi Modu
Photo assistance by Fabio Enes Oliveira
Art direction and design by Raj Naik
Groomer, make-up: Anthony G. Palmer
A&R: Al Pryor

2013, Mack Avenue Records

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