Chick Corea – Akoustic Band {GRP}

Chick Corea – Akoustic Band {GRP}

Post-Bop, Piano Trio

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AllMusic Review by Daniel Gioffre

After recording a string of fusion records in the late ’80s with his Elektric Band, Chick Corea returned to acoustic jazz with this trio date. Enlisting Elektric Band sidemen John Patitucci and Dave Weckl, Corea swings through ten tracks with noticeably mixed results.

The leader is as romantic as ever, playing with bravado even on ballads, flawlessly executing complicated ideas, reveling in drama and melodrama. Patitucci’s upright playing clearly betrays his electric pedigree; listen quickly to his solo on “So in Love” and you might mistake it for a Jaco Pastorius spot.

Weckl has been accused of being a soulless technician serving questionable music in the past, and those who are predisposed against him will find nothing here to change their minds. On the Corea-penned compositions, the band sounds tight and fresh, but on the standards, they sound out of place.

The band’s reading of “Sophisticated Lady,” for example, is busy and confused, but once they get their hands on Corea’s own “Morning Sprite,” the resulting joyful romp is pure pleasure. An unremarkable performance of “Autumn Leaves” is balanced by a great new take on Corea’s classic “Spain,” where Weckl and Patitucci tear through the song with panache as Corea solos gleefully on top.

This band seems made for one thing: to play Chick Corea originals — and in any situation other than that they sound awkward. If this album is an attempt to take the standard piano trio and apply a fusion-informed, Corea-style attitude toward familiar material, it is an interesting experiment.

In the end, however, it still does not work as well as some of Corea’s other efforts, but you can’t blame him or his bandmates for trying. A pleasant, though by no means essential, entry in Corea’s discography.

01. Bessie’s Blues (4:59)
02. My One and Only Love (4:53)
03. So in Love (7:00)
04. Sophisticated Lady (5:12)
05. Autumn Leaves (8:20)
06. Someday My Prince will Come (6:18)
07. Morning Sprite (6:40)
08. T.B.C. (Terminal Baggage Claim) (5:18)
09. Circles (6:35)
10. Spain (5:54)

Chick Corea – piano
John Patitucci – bass
Dave Weckl – drums

Produced by Chick Corea
Engineered by Bernie Kirsh
Executive Album Producer: Ron Moss
Executive Producers: Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen
Recorded at Clinton Recording Studios, NYC
Assisted by Joseph Martin
Digitally mixed at Mad Hatter Studios, LA
Assisted by Larry Mah
Digitally mastered at Mastering Lab, Hollywood, CA

Recording Manager: Mick Thompson
Project Coordinator: Evelyn Brechtlein
Studio Manager at Clinton Studios/NYC: Meg Darnell
Studio Manager at Mad Hatter Studios/LA: Mark Francovich
Piano Tuning & Regulation by Jeff Baker
Akoustic Band clothing provided by Claudio Lugli, Brescia, Italy
Yamaha CF3 Concert Grand Piano and drums provided by Yamaha Corporation of America

Personal Management: Ron Moss, Musicians Services, 2635 Griffith Park Blvd. LA, CA 90039, (213) 660-5976

Agent: Ted Kurland & his associates at T.K.A., Boston, MA

Chick Corea Productions Staff:
Beverly Hepner: Business Manager
Sally Hesse: PR/Publicity
Kent Bray: Personal Secretary
Shirly Turney: Publishing
Dawn Goodrich: Marketing

Album Cover Concept: Chick Corea, Andy Baltimore and Carol Weinberg
Clothing Design By: Claudio Lugli, Brescia, Italy
Photography by Carol Weinberg
Hair & Make-up: Jennifer Martin
Stylist: Alison Lancer

GRP Records Production Coordinator: Suzanne Sherman
Back Cover Illustration: Dan Serrano and Dave Kunze
Graphic Design: Andy Baltimore, Dan Serrano, David Gibb, Ivan Salgado & Dave Kunze

GRP Records Creative Director: Andy Baltimore

1989, GRP Records, Inc.
Manufactured by GRP Records, Inc. 555 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019

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